Resilient children make safer choices

Introduction to
Imagine Yourself©

Resiliency for Life

Our Imagine Yourself Energy Management for Life program has several components.

It is for those who need help modifying their behaviour, especially at home, the playground and in the classroom and for sleep! Our program helps participants to better manage their behaviour in the face of everyday events and stressful situations. Using a friendly, upbeat approach, the program teaches awareness of four key energy states and appropriate responses to the environment. Participants learn how to communicate in a positive way as well as the key skills necessary to develop self-mastery of their behaviour. The program is suitable for children as young as three, teens, families and classrooms. The audio program helps the listener pracitice two key skills using a story telling format. Contact us today to learn more.

You will find materials to assist you and the children and youth in your life on:
~ introducing energy management to children and youth
~ some interactive materials to assist us create some common language for family, caregivers, teachers and mental health professionals to help themselves and children discuss their energy.
~ lower anxiety and stress in children and family's
~ enhance bedtime for children and adults
~ shorten falling asleep times

Using the program as a:
~ parent or grandparent
~ teacher
~ a lesson plan
~ a do it yourself
~ day care provider
~ caregivers
~ medical professional
~ mental health professional
can provide many benefits for children.

Parents and caring adults tell us that many children through using this program learn how to:
~ fall asleep with less fuss
~ learn more about the different types of energy we all have
~ enjoy practising the simple excercises to learn how to get their energy in to the slow and quiet zone

Please Note:
We offer programming for children, youth, adults and families and communities.

Plus in our corporate side programming for teams, organizations and professionals.

Reviews by, kids. parents and professionals.

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The Media Reviews Include


"Soothing entertainment."
Sesame Street Parents Guide

"Turns restlessness into snores."
US News and World Report

Imagine Yourself Skills to last you a life time

Who uses the program?

We have many many users ages 3 years and up.
- Children in families, foster care, adopted,
Regular Families, Blended families, Foster Care Families, Families in loss, Families in separation and divorce

Our oldest know user was 97 last time I checked in with her. She used to help her cope as she transitioned from being a high functioning 90+ year old and her eyesight was quickly fading.