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Creating more Happiness in your Life Aug 25, 2021

Creating more Happiness in your Life: Bonus is it impacts longevity!

In my last blog I discussed living longer through meaning and purpose that align with your talents, values and passion. today I want to push that along further.

What makes you happy?

What brings you joy? What are you doing? What...

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How prepared are you when life goes sideways? Jul 23, 2021

Life happens. It can be a once in a life time thing of beauty, like me witnessing my daughters birth.

However, like the current disasters that are happening world wide, be it world health crisis this past 22 months, fires, floods, tornadoes and more so many of us are having our lives thrown into...

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Feeling Stretched and Pulled? Jul 19, 2021

Hello welcome back. Or are you a first time reader? Well it is good to have you here either way.

As the world slowly opens up to the new post covid times in the months ahead what is your number one issue?

For many that have written or connected with me on social media in the past weeks, it is the...

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Oh ~ Oh Getting To the new Normal Jul 12, 2021

Yes it appears we are starting to win this war against covid. Yet, how are you doing?

Anxious? Excited? Restless? Stressed? All of these?
Are you one of the many of us that gained the notorious covid13? 13 lbs to 13 Kg.... some gained.

I ask you what do you want to do about it?

What goals are you...

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