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You can drift dream drown or do. Lets Start.
Creating Positive Outcomes! May 16, 2022

Creating Positive Outcomes!

"Start with the end in mind." S. Covey

So you have a dream.

Big or small, scary or gently disturbing, we've all had them we will all have them. What will the outcome(s) be? What will it look like? Describe it in some detail: i.e. Is it on-line, in-person, involve only...

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Learning how to live healthier and live longer! Aug 18, 2021

Planing for and creating more successful life long outcomes

Living with a sense of purpose and meaning

Researchers found that those who had a sense of purpose and meaning (as measured by answers from well-being self-assessments) lived longer lives than those who'd self-reported little to no sense...

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Oh ~ Oh Getting To the new Normal Jul 12, 2021

Yes it appears we are starting to win this war against covid. Yet, how are you doing?

Anxious? Excited? Restless? Stressed? All of these?
Are you one of the many of us that gained the notorious covid13? 13 lbs to 13 Kg.... some gained.

I ask you what do you want to do about it?

What goals are you...

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