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What do people tell you ~ you are meant to do! Sep 08, 2021

What do people tell you ~ you are meant to do!

Many of us had the experience. Yet many of us don't know what next steps could be.

So I wanted you to consider that you have unexplored and unknown talents and skills. These are the very items that if you knew of them, developed them and practised...

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Are you ready? Jul 29, 2021

Hello: The world is changing at a faster and faster rate. Those that invest in themselves and their families to develop and deepen their mental health with have a serious advantage in their health, education, happiness and their income.

That is one of the key reasons I started RFL Resiliency for...

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Oh ~ Oh Getting To the new Normal Jul 12, 2021

Yes it appears we are starting to win this war against covid. Yet, how are you doing?

Anxious? Excited? Restless? Stressed? All of these?
Are you one of the many of us that gained the notorious covid13? 13 lbs to 13 Kg.... some gained.

I ask you what do you want to do about it?

What goals are you...

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