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Why this Newsletter? Why resilience? You asked!

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Why this newsletter?

Hello. We live in a world of information overload. What to invest your attention in and improve your life is one I take very seriously. I'm on my fourth chance at life since I had three fights to live during a 7 year challenge with two bouts of cancer and six major treatments. I don't like to have my time/attention wasted I will attempt to never do that here with you.

The goal of this newsletter is to:

- Inform you on what types of mindset, process and skills will help us increase our resilience. In turn, lifting us up so we can thrive more and in time flourish.

Why does resilience matter?

Practising a resilient mindset impacts our:

  1. Ability to manage our health. Those that doe it well lower their chronic health issues. They generally have less frequency, intensity and types of chronic health issues. Imagine having serious chronic health issues that "disappeared" when the mindset and skills are practised. What would that do personally, for the family, workplace and health care insurance costs?
  2. Impacting our school grades and graduation rates at all levels. Ask me how one school saw graduations rates soar to 90% from a previous 48% when the resilience model was applied.
  3. Nurturing more positive relationships with self and others for healthier experiences and outcomes. What can it do for personal relationships and organizational engagement and productivity? Ask me about the firm that after a workplace violence issue had a 23% absentee rate that went down to below the previous rates after only 3 workplace workshop interventions.
  4. Creating more positive organizational experiences and outcomes. - Ask me about sales increases with my clients.
  5. Developing community spirit to assist lift everyone up. Ask me how after natural disasters and or violence this can impact individual and community morale.
  6. Ability to deal with and stay safer during life's events that can pull us off course. Ask me about creating a Tour Guide mentality to assist everyone understand mindset, process and skills and the engagement and positive outcomes.

So , if one or more of those have your attention then I look forward to your participation,

For more you can also find my Resiliency for Life business page in Linkedin  at:

and my RFL website where I host this newsletter.

So until next time Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.


Michael H Ballard Resiliency for Life Ltd.