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What do you chose?

choices goals outcomes resilient thrive Apr 18, 2022

Hello Welcome back. Good to have you here.

In this newsletter I want to talk with you about the choices we all make.

One of the choices that not all of us understand we all have made and still make daily is the key to living a life that can be very fulfilling. Choosing happiness. Stuff is great. yes a roof over our heads is vital as is eating well. Yet for those of us that travel so often in what some call 3rd world countries the happiness of those with very little material goods is inspiring.

Yet, our society does not often understand this or works to undermine us when we choose happiness. During my serious health challenges, I make a choice to be happy. Interestingly my surgical team told me it made me an easier patient to deal with, the nursing team said similar. The mental health person was NOT amused. He felt I was not accepting how serious my health issue was. That I should be scared and angry. Yes that is one way to cope. Not for me.

I choose happiness. I practised dis-identification, I monitored how I was defining myself, I set goals and plans to be joyful, set plans in place for happiness and laughter, as well as buidling a significant support network (I called 197 people asking for notes of positives in their lives - pre fax and email days snail mail and phone was it + my Dad had access to corporate intranet He asked me what I wanted from the international team... so over 60 people of faith took my request to their house of worship and I was within days in over 60 pray groups around the world) to ensure I got a significant diet of positive to help balance out the seriousness of the negatives I was surrounded by and experiencing living in the cancer ward. Also days after surgery for my first cancer challenge I found it had spread and pore surgery had been in four locations.

It is possible. Yes, people will notice. Yes there are always those that want to tear you down, however choosing happiness and joy, staying centred and realistic I've found pays powerful dividends. You'll start to notice a shift in who you interact with. Some will say you're attracting a different type of person into your life. You also risk or get rewarded that some you've known a long time drift away. "You've changed" is the phrase you'll hear. 

 So, Imagine yourself with more resiliency for life. I have. You can to.