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What do people tell you ~ you are meant to do!

action ballard explore gifts michael practise resilience skills stretch talent thrive Sep 08, 2021

What do people tell you ~ you are meant to do!

Many of us had the experience. Yet many of us don't know what next steps could be.

So I wanted you to consider that you have unexplored and unknown talents and skills. These are the very items that if you knew of them, developed them and practised them could very well change the quality of your life and your outcomes.

So first consider when have you been told "You are meant to do this!"

What where you doing? Why? How did others define "you are meant to do this"?

How did you define it? What was the setting, what outcome where you working towards achieving?

These are a few questions to get you to consider your unexplored talents and gifts. Our resilience and our ability to thrive for best outcomes can be positively altered if we have the courage to explore and stretch out of our comfort zones.

Until next time: Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.