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Self Definition: Is yours up to date?

covid emotional flourish happiness health mental outcomes positive relationships resilience resilient success thrive Jan 14, 2022

Hello: How is your month going? Spring is starting to show up in Toronto Canada. Cool days warm days, with a hint of snow (Brrrr), and spring flowers starting to show in the flower beds. I have hope that summer arrives sooner than later.

I mentioned previously what I have discovered in the research about the power of resilience. I know first hand it can be learned and practised. My challenges dealing with three brushes death during two bouts of cancer and six major treatments where lessened due to the gifts that a resiliency practise brings into our lives. The benefits can be very large and uplifting.

So, no guilt here yet a friendly reminder to start, restart or boost your resilience. A key first step to boost your resilience should include considering:

"How have you let life define you to date? If there was an invisible dictionary that only you can see, what are the words, phrases, pictures, audio and video clips you have allowed to live in your memories and define you?

Some build you up, some tear you down and some confuse! Ensure you do house keeping to acknowledge each of them and then do what the database people might call a merge purge. Out with those that are negative and nasty, confuse and or no longer define you. Be intentional and on purpose and on time for creating more memories that acknowledge you in the present moment and to your future. A healthy self-definition is vital for our safety, happiness and better outcomes.

Let me leave you with the question: "What are you doing currently to develop, deepen and or expand your resilience?" Your self definition is a powerful place to start.

So until next time Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.