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Where do you live? Past, Present or Future?

disidentification engagement flourish future living moment past present resilient thrive Feb 16, 2022

Hello and welcome back.

 Past, present and future. We all have all three of those in our lives.

However, those that get caught up in living in the past or the future can become trapped. It can lead to many challenges to our health and well being.

What causes us to live in the past or the future? Trauma first hand, or inter-generational passed down from family, faith, neighbourhoods, cultural , community and countries, unrealistic self-definitions, lack of realistic goals, health issues that fog our thinking/feeling and more. Ask for help with someone you trust.

Staying aware of our what we focus on, the habits and culture around us gives us the opportunity to work towards focusing more often on the life we are in right now. The present. Yes ,it is good to acknowledge our past. Yes, we need to have plans for our future though setting goals and acting on them. However being in the moment and staying present means we are staying engaged with self and others in the moment. It helps us stay and feel more engaged with life. It helps us create more meaningful relationships.  Meaning we are present in mind body and spirit while we experience life's small to large vital moments.

So staying present and in the moment takes time and practise. A key skill to use  is mindfulness. There are dozens if not hundreds of ways to practise it. I know the payback can be very fulfilling. A variation of mindfulness is meditative exercises that help us calm ourselves and focus on the moments we are in.

Reminder: The goal of meditation and mindfulness is not perfection. Nope not at all. Excellence should be the goal. Self acceptance and goals to improve can change our lives quickly. What is your first steps going to be?

So until next time: Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life

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