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Oh ~ Oh Getting To the new Normal

acute ballard canada comeback covid flourish goals health life mental michael normal objectives resilience resiliency situational start stress thrive Jul 12, 2021
Michael H Ballard Resiliency for Life photo

Yes it appears we are starting to win this war against covid. Yet, how are you doing?

Anxious? Excited? Restless? Stressed? All of these?
Are you one of the many of us that gained the notorious covid13? 13 lbs to 13 Kg.... some gained.

I ask you what do you want to do about it?

What goals are you setting or have set?

What are you going to do to celebrate life?

Make time for joy. Plan time for laughter.

Who are you accountable to? When did you or when will you start?

I don't have all the answers yet I do know that setting realistic goals and breaking them down into daily objectives goes a long way towards achieving them.

So pen and paper, or mobile and voice to text:

- Write it down End date to accomplish

- Weekly and daily objectives to achieve

- Who will you be accountable to

 - How, what and when will you measure

 - How will you celebrate small victories

 - How will you acknowledge small hiccups or failures

 - When are you starting?

Let me know what you're up to and how it turns out.

Me? I'm swimming 6 days a week 1/4 mile each session.

Michael's Goals:

Reduce sitting heart rate to 54

Lose 3 Kg by end of August 2021

 What are your goals?