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Planing for and creating more successful life long outcomes

Living with a sense of purpose and meaning

Researchers found that those who had a sense of purpose and meaning (as measured by answers from well-being self-assessments) lived longer lives than those who'd self-reported little to no sense of meaning and purpose.

University of Michigan in 2010 published research that shows that working with a sense of meaning and purpose leads to far greater engagement, motivation, productivity, and retention.

What have you done and what do you do to define your purpose and meaning?

The case for living with a sense of purpose is crystal clear. But how to do you make that happen?

Three questions to provoke your thinking on this vital topic.

What are your beliefs and values?

What have you or do you do for free?

What do you excel at?

 Learning to live a healthier and happier life is not about money. Its about engaging our beliefs and values, using our talents lifting self and others up,  and doing something at work and life we'd do for free if possible.

So, Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for LIfe. It is possible.


Michael Ballard