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How prepared are you when life goes sideways?

anxiety calm focus react respond safe storm stress Jul 23, 2021

Life happens. It can be a once in a life time thing of beauty, like me witnessing my daughters birth.

However, like the current disasters that are happening world wide, be it world health crisis this past 22 months, fires, floods, tornadoes and more so many of us are having our lives thrown into chaos. Relationships, possessions, finances, death of loved ones... Life is getting very fast paced. How do you keep up? Stay calm and level headed. Make better quality decisions and have a higher quality experience?

How prepared are you mentally for the unexpected?

Taking the time to invest in a process and gain skills to be calmer can pay life long dividends. I got interested and then invested in this during my 2 battles with cancer and fighting to live through 3 serious medical issues. It is possible. Despite 2 chronic illness my medical team tell me I'm above average for fitness and body age. When my then 7 year old daughter had to fight a brain tumour the health care team were amazed at how calm she was. I'd coached her through the skills I've learned during my challenges.

Resiliency for Life Ltd. was born out of these struggles. Imagine Yourself was developed to assist all ages to gain the process and skills for more clarity, process and skills for a better experience and outcomes.

 So Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life. It is possible. I look forward to having you in the program.

best to you ,


P.S. You can drift, dream, drown or decide. We help you learn how and what to Do.

P.P.S. Regarding my daughters birth:

- No, I did not faint :) for those that have asked. It was an amazing experience.