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Feeling Stretched and Pulled?

ballard bath book calm candle flourish hobby me purpose read resilience stress thrive time troubles Jul 19, 2021

Hello welcome back. Or are you a first time reader? Well it is good to have you here either way.

As the world slowly opens up to the new post covid times in the months ahead what is your number one issue?

For many that have written or connected with me on social media in the past weeks, it is the stress and anxiety of dealing with the getting back into the grove of life. The travel times, the groups of people, the noise, and the traffic can wear us all down. Perhaps, you're the stay at home one and suddenly the house is very empty for many days of the week.

What to do? I suggest make a plan with intent. One that helps engage and connect you with intent to what you'll miss after the lock down lifts. If your one of the going back out there ones then make  plan for some quiet connected times with a special someone and or with your parents and or your children. If your the stay at home one ensure you build a time into your day or week to share time with someone or a group that matters so you get that vital social time.

Both of the above are not about spending lots of money to make it happen. It could be a gather to have a pot of tea and a engaged conversation, or sit and watch a nature show. Yet you've shared time and space, and perhaps conversations. Very wonderful. Perhaps a walk to appreciate the local flower beds or nature trail. What ever it is, PLAN on it. Be on purpose about it put it in your calendar and make it happen.

We all need to ensure we invest in ourselves now more than ever. A good friend tells me she has an: Its All About Me night once a week. Her kids are grown, her spouse has a night once a week dedicated to his hobby so she has declared that her night. No electronics, no phone, no tv, nothing but a good book, a glass of her favourite beverage and a candle and a long long bath. In her words "It soaks the troubles right out of me".

What do you do, what will you do to ensure you have some vital time for you? When are you putting it into your calendar? Right now?

Until next time, Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.