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Creating Positive Outcomes!

action dreams goals objectives outcomes positive resilience thrive vision May 16, 2022

Creating Positive Outcomes!

"Start with the end in mind." S. Covey

So you have a dream.

Big or small, scary or gently disturbing, we've all had them we will all have them. What will the outcome(s) be? What will it look like? Describe it in some detail: i.e. Is it on-line, in-person, involve only you, how many dollars does it take or produce? What resources will it take for your to make it happen?

Ask yourself the questions required. What resources are in your physical geography, online in your area, region and country.

Consider it this way:

Dreams are dreams. They stay as dreams until we decide to take action.

Then take action and start to plan. Write the dream down. Make it a vision. Don't take it to two decimal places. Its not yet a business plan. Nurture the vision. Play with the images, the words, phrases that describe your vision. 

Caution: Be very careful of the dream stealers in your life. They are often family and friends and coworkers. Only a very very few will support you in your quest to move your vision into reality.

Dreams get us started. Visions help us get started. Now it's time for writing down those BIG (keep up awake some nights) goals!

To achieve your vision, goals are the vital key step(s) that collectively help you get there as you achieve them. Yes some will change, some will need to be merged yet over all goals set and met make it happen.

After the goals are set each of them need to be broken down into key components, objectives.

Once we've broken our vision down into major components ~ goals, and then into more manageable objectives use caution you don't do all the "fun" things first. I am a market and sales guy. That is the easy part for me. I have a business friend from the first part of my consulting career who was amazing at business plans. Quite remarkable in fact. However he never every truly launched. He's failed twice in major ways. He never includes in his goals to hire people with different skill sets. They are all like him. Be very wary of founders syndrome it can greatly slow down or outright kill the vision as it turns into reality or greatly increase costs and or decrease impact.

Remember: Start with the end in mind. Part of being resilient is setting goals of various sizes. One of my goals is always being tested. That is to be calm despite what I am experiencing. To stay in a state of flow allows me to stay centred and thoughtful. In this state I can asses what is going on around me and reflect before I respond. So much of what causes distress is we react in life in our career, relationships, our health and other areas of life, and this cause major breaks in our lives. So when I stay in flow I am then in a state of mind to respond after reflecting for more positive experiences and outcomes. That is why I am so committed to goal setting in all areas of my life.

So, Imagine Yourself  with more Resiliency for Life.

Michael Ballard

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