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Creating more Happiness in your Life

anxiety flourish happiness longevity productivity resilience stress thrive Aug 25, 2021

Creating more Happiness in your Life: Bonus is it impacts longevity!

In my last blog I discussed living longer through meaning and purpose that align with your talents, values and passion. today I want to push that along further.

What makes you happy?

What brings you joy? What are you doing? What activity makes you feel joyful? For me coaching and training brings me joy. Helping someone, or a group build understanding and skill for me is a very uplifiting and joyful opportunity.

What have you learned from your mistakes and triumphs?

Lessons learned from our mistakes are often more likely to help us build towards triumphs.  What have you learned from your mistakes? How did you recover? How do you apply that to new situations?

What needs fixing or deed needs doing in your world?

 What do you notice in your life, work or community that needs fixing, changing or repairing? What is your cause? What is need you are well suited to solve, change or provide? Our purpose often helps us build and feed something greater than just ourselves.

 So three key points that help us build our happiness and live a life that makes a difference. Until next time Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.

Michael Ballard