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Choices, Choices, Choices: So many choices!

We all make choices many many times a day. How many of them build us up? How many of them get in our way? Some say we make upwards of 35,000 choices a day. Yes 35,000 decisions a day.

So presume we sleep for 8 hours a day that leaves us with over 1900 choices per hour we make in the other 18 hours a day.  So many are on auto pilot based on the assumptions and choices of our past.

However, how many of those decisions build you up? How many cost you success? How many of them serve you well in the short term yet cost you (with emotional, financial, relationship) impact later? Self sabotage anyone?

Resilience is a values, attitude /mindset, process, skill set, key factors that are reflected in the language we use. Resilience impacts our:

 - happiness

 - school grades and graduation rates for the students, teachers and schools

 - creates a higher level of effectiveness to better manage our health

 - helps us create more job success for self, team and organization

 - assists us build ourselves and our families ability to pivot and deal with lives unexpected BIGstuff issues

If any of these issues sound like something you'd want to learn more about do follow us on social media. Also if you want to make a change in life sign up to our newsletter for programming announcements. In the short term on line and in time once again live.

So Resilience is something we can all learn to practise. I've worked with children as young as three, seniors at 97 and children, youth, adults in all sectors and segments of society in over 43 cultures. I am certain it will work for you as well.


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