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4 Traits You Should Never Ignore

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Four Key Traits

These are four traits you need to take the time to explore and understand how they are a part of you and all those you interact with everyday. Each of these traits once well understood and managed can be life altering. They can bring you more success, less stress, and I'd boldly suggest if well managed even better health!

However first you have to do the home work to understand these four traits and practise using them in small ways and over times during vital times. What are they you ask? Great question. Here we go, buckle up and get ready to ask yourself where are you when you consider each of these four traits. Each have a large range of course plus our age experience and each situation means we can use them in vastly different ways.

Dominance Low ~ High When you are HIGH in this trait you find it easy to be in charge. However when you're high in this trait you have be very aware, cautious and perhaps take some coaching to ensure not driving others away from you .

When you are low on this scale it is easy to let others be in charge. However you have to very aware and perhaps take coaching on how to step up and ensure your key messages are heard.


Introvert / Extrovert Those of us that are extroverts become energized when around others most of the time. Those of us that are introverts lose energy when surrounded by others. Do keep that in mind when in groups. Not all of us handle groups the same. Some of us do much better one on one or in tiny groups. Both styles are valuable and valid. Ensure you value both.


Pacing Slow ~ Fast We live in a world that is going faster and faster as the internet inter connects us in so many ways and in so many places. Stay aware of how much time you are spending online vs. investing online. Spending time can be fun and exciting, yet investing time can be rewarding and educational creating a higher quality of life for you. The pace at which you spend or invest your time can and does have consequences both positive and negative for our health and happiness.

So I suggest a slow measured pace when investing time online or with most projects. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.


Compliance Low ~ High

 One of the accounting groups I did a project for had a great quote about compliance that when something like this: "My job is to ensure my clients stay compliant within the scope of the tax laws as they are written. However my job is to test these laws to ensure my clients pay the least amount of tax possible staying inside the law yet learning it in my clients favour"  

He is very successful in winning rulings in his clients favour.

Another way to consider this trait is Compliance is vital for keeping things legal and morale and high compliance. However for problem solving and creativity to find newer, safer, faster, higher quality ways we need to think "outside the box" to use a tired phrase. So thinking low compliance to problem solve should be seen as a plus and a bonus on any team.

So, where do you stand with each of these traits? How do you combine them in every day life for self? With others?

Do let me know what you think. Also let me know how you use this information.

So till next time Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.

Michael Ballard

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