Leaders, Owners and Managers

Forthright and inspirational.

L Derkach, Former Minister of Rural Development Government of Manitoba

Michaels message was exactly what our group needed to hear.

Lise Allin, B.Sc., M.P.A., CLU, Ch.F.C., CFP President, Belleville

Exactly what we needed to send the troops off with motivation and a sense of purpose.

Rick Howarth, North American Life Hamilton

Refreshing, motivating and filled with hope.

France Durand, Canadian Cancer Society New Brunswick

Excellent message for our students and staff. This was a highlight for our classes.

George Patton
Hastings County Board of Education

Sales are up +235% at Pacfic Energy this month. We'd certainly recommend you if you ever need a reference. Thank you for an informative and great presentation. I've even received back letters about the day and your positived and inspirational contribution.

Wayne Rourke
Northwest Stoves

The purpose of any training is to change behaviour. First through perception, new beliefs and skills. Immediate evaluation after your visit would not be as meaningful as on several months later.

Our staff have truly grown, learned and changed . All meaningful and lasting change begins on the inside and works its way out. Clearly your work has been a big plus for us throughout our journey.

Staff actions directly attributed to you, best demonstrate your impact. One decided to resolve several major issues and then got married! Another became a leader in self development with a complete turnaround in behaviour and positive outlook. One of my supervisors decided your were right! Don't sweat what is out of your control. Getting angry is never worth it.

Your powerful work with us has clearly value added to our goal, with a return on investment many times over.

I look forward to using your services again.

Wayne Jannaway
Ontario Hydro

Thank you for blessing us with your introduction to Resiliency For Life.......
Your skills at pulling a group together and keeping aging adults focussed are exemplary....my hat (is off) to you.

Vickie Anderson

I just went through the camp evaluations. 230 were returned. From a scale of 1-10 you did a average of 9 and they want you back!

Betty Cornelius

Michael  Thank you for adding too and enriching the lives of our members, I really do appreciate the value that you have delivered  Next time we do this we should offer up a road show where you can do several Chapters in a visit.

Iain Palmer Canadian West Coast Chapter of PMI

Meeting Planners

A hit! Upbeat, insightful, dynamic and funny.

Sue Millington, Womens Ad and Sales Club Belleville

Thank you for the outstanding job you did at the Supervisory Retreat.

Donna Dean
District Director Metropolitan Toronto
Canadian Cancer Society

You have a comfortable pleasant way of expressing your ideas and live what your give. We highly recommend your presentations and workshops to professionals in the helping field.

Sandra Rea
Chair Centre Hastings Support Network
Madoc ON

Your presentation skills are exemplary, your programme materials are extremely thoughtful and professional and your entire seminar enlightening and engaging,

Jane Ferris Well Being Program
YWCA Toronto ON

Thank you for presenting Your Personality Plus (program) at the Step up and Lead! breakfast. The workshop was very informative and the feedback has been extremely positive.

Erin Whitehead
Mentorship Program Coordinator
Youth In Motion

Thank you for your contribution to Camp Liberty. Your approach was refreshing, motivating and filled with hope.

France Durand
Director Patient Services
New Brunswick
Candian Cancer Society

This is the third time I've gone through this (personality) assessment. This was defintely the best presentation of the three.

Barb Callery
Camp Enterprise
Rotary Club of Scarborough ON

Very well received, and evaluations uniformly excellent. As members they can be highly critical and do not give compliments idly. So, getting a high score from them is even more significant than might usually be the case.

P. C. Black
The Member Services Centre
The Society of Management Accountants of Ontario

Unique, effective and significantly different from other speakers.

Susan Dodsley & Maureen Smart, Peterborough Civic Hospital

It was obvious what a hit you where and how relevant your talk was to our clients.

Kate Muelller RN Regional Services Coordinator

Participant Comments

Michael Ballard was my coach for several months and it was a pleasure working with him. Michael encouraged me to explore the broad range of job skills I never knew I had. He gently pushed me beyond my comfort zone and helped me boost my confidence and self-esteem. Michael motivates, encourages and inspires and I would recommend him for any training or workshop project.

Kari Davis Toronto Canada

Our first (session was) with Michael Ballard and he was brilliant. We were all a little nervous, but Michael made us feel at ease right away. He created among us a camaraderie that still exists after the course.

Howard Leaver MCSE, MCP+I, A+ Kingston

Sales are up +235% at Pacific Energy this month. We certainly recommend you.

Thank you for an informative and great presentation. We've got an enthusiastic response back from our dealers. I even received letters back from our dealers and your positive and inspirational contribution.

Wayne Rourke

Michael's coaching gives great understanding of human relations allowing for a quick assessment of situations. His training impacted my career. This includes technological innovations for Royal Caribbean Int. and contracting with a resort sales & marketing team that sold $75,000,000 of property in two days! If you are thinking about working with Michael go for it! His expertise benefits everyone.

Dan Oliver January 2005 B.C.

Mike was a driving force in the way that I interact and perceive with other people, through his excellent training. A humorous and entertaining personality that made his presentations easy to remember and apply. I recommend Michael highly as a speaker and a facilitator.

Michael Jordan March 2005 Trenton

Michael is an excellent instructor that guided us through Professional Training & Coaching. He is highly motivational, enthusiastic and easily obtains the attention of his audience and captures their interest through participation and interest of material. He is exceptionally organized with delivery and carries with him a positive outlook on life and delivers with great enthusiasm.

Barb Robson Ottawa Ontario Canada

After going to an endless round of workshops staged by management you find
yourself in a room where the speaker is knowledgeable, experienced, relaxed,
serious, irreverent and, unlike many of the ones you have met before, has
actually done or performed the ideas on action, problem solving and being a
normal, decent human being in an otherwise chaotic world that you are being
presented with. Welcome to the life and times of Michael Ballard. Michael is the
kind of person that you wish you had as a friend when you were growing up. A
rarity in this world and, more important than all the accolades that he has
earned, the kind of person that you can feel comfortable with in either or
living room or your kitchen when you need someone to talk to about today's problems.

J. Greenshields Cpt. (Retired)

Michael is an outstanding motivator. He has the ability to vary his techniques to suit the situation and individual. In my case, he was able to bring out the self-confidence, which had been missing for a very long time. A personable coach, he brings out the best in people while teaching them to use the tools that they have to accomplish anything that they set their mind to."

Steve Deck Hamilton ON Canada

Michael is an inspirational teacher that by using his skills in public speaking and knowledge in many areas can motivate a person to excel not only in work but in life.

Julie Cuss 2005

Michael was a pleasure to learn from and I was able to, very easily, employ what he taught into my training and coaching style. Many times, I have found myself in scenarios where I was able to apply Michael's practical solutions to complex issues. Michael conducts his training sessions in a way that is professional and fun to participate in and I would recommend him highly.

Edward Jackman January 2005 Toronto

"I have known Michael since 1999, Michael is a strong and motivated speaker and has at all times both during personal and professional periods been very humorous and upbeat. I have had the pleasure of being a participant in Michael's seminars and found him to be a very dynamic presenter who has a unique ability to assess and engage his clients in ways which achieve maximum effect for content."

Darryl Andersen, June 2005 Whitby

I was trained/coached by Michael Ballard in his Resiliency for LifeĀ© program. He saw in me, traits I did not and pulled them to the surface. I use them daily now with much success. He redefines upbeat and practical and knows how to reach and coach all personality types. I highly recommend Michael!

Tim Chapman Stirling ON Canada

Insightful, warm and witty, with good practical suggestions...I got home imbued with a feeling of exhilaration....

Jeanne Taylor Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. Toronto

I highly recommend Michael in the training and coaching industry. The course content was realistic and greatly assisted in the awareness and understanding of the actions of co-workers and students. A humorous, upbeat presentation allowed for the content to be more interesting, easy to understand and memorable.

Gail Foster Kingston ON Canada

Michael's coaching gives great understanding of human relations allowing for a quick assessment of situations. His training impacted my career. This includes technological innovations for Royal Caribbean Int. and contracting with a resort sales & marketing team that sold $75,000,000 of property in two days! If you are thinking about working with Michael go for it! His expertise benefits everyone.

Dan Oliver 2005

I received training and coaching from Michael Ballard during a course that I took. I found his real world, down to earth, style of training most enjoyable and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Michael because he is willing to go the extra mile to help you.

Brian S. Walker MCP MCSE Belleville

I had the good luck to have Michael as a College professor teaching leadership, management and communications skills.I found Michael to be upbeat,humorous and very informative. The skills that I acquired, helped me gain the position with my current company. I still try to put what Michael taught to use on a daily basis.

Pam Hinds June 2005 Belleville

Sometimes young people and adults have a difficult time deciding who they really are or where they are going. Michael helps them think through their own clutter and find the path that suits them best. He has an infectious sense of enthusiasm that leaves his audience reflecting on what they have experienced long after the event itself.

Brian Philcox Scarborough

I had a pleasure of hearing Michael's personal story. He truly "walks his talk" and is an engaging and energetic speaker.

Anita Windisman MBA February 2005 Toronto

Michael is the personification of resiliency. He has bounced back from death's door with an amazing positive attitude and the perspective that allows him to eliminate the extraneous. His communications skills and training in multiple personal development programs help him to share his insights with his audience. He builds audience rapport quickly and engages them through out his program.

Leland Thomas January 2005 Thornhill

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
Steve Jobs