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Leaders, Managers and Owners

Forthright and inspirational.
Len Derkach, Former Minister of Rural Development
Government of Manitoba

Our staff have truly grown, learned and changed. All meaningful and lasting change begins on the inside and works its way out. Clearly your work has been a big plus for us throughout our journey. Staff actions directly attributed to you, best demonstrate your impact. One decided to resolve several major issues and then got married! Another became a leader in self development with a complete turnaround in behaviour and positive outlook. One of my supervisors decided your were right! Don't sweat what is out of your control. Getting angry is never worth it. Your powerful work with us has clearly value added to our goal, with a a return on investment many times over. I look forward to using your services again.     
Wayne Jannaway Manager
Ontario Hydyro

Sales are up +235% at Pacfic Energy this month. We'd certainly recommend you if you ever need a reference. Thank you for an informative and great presentation. I've received letters about your positive and inspirational contribution.     
Wayne Rourke President
Northwest Stoves

Meeting Planners

I just went through the camp evaluations. 230 were returned. From a scale of 1-10 you did a average of 9 and they want you back!
Only presenter we've had back more than twice! Wow Michael fifth year in a row coming up in 2011.
Betty Cornelius

Your presentation skills are exemplary, your programme materials are extremely thoughtful and professional and your entire seminar enlightening and engaging,
Jane Ferris Well Being Program
YWCA Toronto ON

Very well received, and evaluations uniformly excellent. As members they can be highly critical and do not give compliments idly. So, getting a high score from them is even more significant than might usually be the case.
P. C. Black Manager,
The Member Services Centre
The Society of Management Accountants of Ontario

It was obvious what a hit you where and how relevant your talk was to our clients.
Kate Mueller RN Regional Services Coordinator

Participant Comments

Thank-you Michael for an excellent presentation. Through your workshop, I have been able to learn more about myself. The workshop has been of great benefit to myself. Congratulations
David Reynolds C.I.M., CPIM, C.P.P./CSCMP

I learned a lot and I love your energy level...
Thanks a million for your email (program content updates).
I will speak to my manager & keep you in mind for future events.
Vicki Cvetanovic
Human Resources
Occupational Health & Safety
City of Toronto

That was a fabulous presentation today on personality styles and preference and how to communicate with others and how to use in job search. Not one boring moment.
It was great to know the 4 styles, and, although one may be predominant, we can be each of them when needed. It helped me to see the value of each. All are equally good.
Susan Poseika

I was really impressed with your (Resilience) presentation. I found your outlook and views very refreshing... a good jolt I needed to put work and life back into perspective. You made a difference in how I felt coming into work the next day. Keep up with this... it's your calling.
Natasha Bidiyanauth Laidlaw Passenger Services Group Mississauga Canada

Thank you for blessing us with your introduction to Resiliency For Life.......
Your skills at pulling a group together and keeping aging adults focussed are hat is off to you.
Vickie Anderson

Our first (session was) with Michael Ballard and he was brilliant. We were all a little nervous, but Michael made us feel at ease right away. He created among us a camaraderie that still exists.
Howard Leaver Ottawa

Michael motivates, encourages and inspires. I would recommend him for any training or workshop project.
Kari Davis MBA, Toronto Canada

Humans have a tendency of limiting one’s self worth or putting restrictions on what one can or cannot do. The workshop on resiliency conducted by Michael Ballard taught me to be mindful and alert. To be aware of negative thoughts and behaviours within one-self, and to figure out where these feelings are coming from. In order for myself to do that, I had to honest and non judgmental in my observations. During this process my mind began to wander on pervious events in my life and that’s when it hit me. My mind was constantly in the future or the past but never on the present. Thanks to Michael Ballard, my mind is now in a state of mindfulness, keeping my attention in the present moment. Living for today and not tomorrow or yesterday.
Shukri Dualeh - Youth Workshop participant

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Coaching Clients

You are number 1 in my book Michael, if it was'nt for you I would'nt be were I am today, and for that I will always be truley thankfull, you helped me turn my life around :)

You inspire me every day Michael H Ballard :) you gave me the strength and courage to be who i am today and for that I thank you :)
Walker Sandy NZ

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