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The organizational challenge is in;
"Getting the IQ's to add up and having no subtraction
After all we're paying for all that IQ."

Bill Gates - Microsoft Fortune Magazine 2004

We help your people learn how to get the IQ's to show up and add up!
Michael Ballard

M Ballard

Michael Ballard's Bio

Michael's upbeat, joy filled and powerful message helps people discover the highly effective resiliency skill sets he used while fighting three life threatening issues in seven years. This included one very intense year when he placed seventh out of 79 sales professionals yet was off work almost 17 out of 52 weeks while challenged with three rounds of serious "Medical Tune Ups" to stay around a little longer.

They quickly appreciate Michael’s insightful sense of humour. Plus what he’s learned and how he’s redefined his life, finding meaning and purpose despite his health issues. Audiences from all walks of life take away a deeper understanding of the resiliency factors that can cast light into those dark corners we all have to face in life yet helping them with more successful outcomes. Also they leave with a smile on their face, and laughter in their heart knowing that “Yes they can make a difference and understanding more of the how!”

Michael has been featured in over 101 national and international media interviews including CTV, CBC, CITY TV, and dozens of print and radio interviews.

His clients have included: IBM, Government of Singapore, Bell, Ontario Hydro, CMA Accountants of Ontario, Shouters Church Youth Programming, Crane Canada, Alberta Health, and The Food Institute of Canada and CPSA - Canada’s Professional Sales Association and FPSO - Foster Parents Society of Ontario.

He is a big fan of what he calls B3 = Biking, Blading and BBQ. To stay active in the summer he also enjoys hiking and snorkeling. In the fall through the spring he enjoys reading, movies, and volunteering. He lives with his partner in Toronto. She’s the “Smarter better looking one” he’s quick to tell you. He is currently working on a book about his story. and is very pleased about the recent launch of his program for children and families to help them during transitions and crisis. He is the proud Dad of two adult daughters.

Michael's Core Beliefs:
What ever else might be going on in our world we can always change our attitude. Then, build our skills and develop our team. Being resilient always changes the quality of the experience and most often changes the outcomes!

Michael's Message Outcomes
Michaels programming is designed to allow us to learn what it takes to deal with life’s best and worst moments and stay on track. He asks the question; in which area of your life do your personal strengths lie? Which one(s) could be blocking you from attaining more happiness and success? What’s your next step?
Attend his next session and add to your resiliency.

A web link will be provided to attendee’s so they can download key pieces of program information (PDF format) for personal and professional insights.

Here are two samples of follow ups from a Keynote presentation:

Turmoil Breathing Skill - Getting into Flow by @ResilientMichae #engagement #entertainment http://www.slideshare.net/Resilientmichael/turmoil-breathing-skill-getting-into-flow via @SlideShare


4 States of Resilience by @ResilientMichae #awareness #learning http://www.slideshare.net/Resilientmichael/4-states-of-resilience via @SlideShare