Imagine Yourself ...

Energy Management for Life
Our programs help people of all ages
develop and deepen our capacity to cope and thrive.

The program helps reduce negative behaviours
at home, school and the community,
while helping create more positive outcomes.

Don't take our word for it:
Here are reviews from children, youth, parents, families and professionals about our Imagine Yourself program:
Imagine Yourself Reviews

Our Imagine Yourself... Energy Management for Life is released!

These programs are being used to help:

• Children, youth and teachers and schools help most students develop a greater ability to control their behaviour through practising mindful awareness and relaxation skills. Everyone benefits from a calmer classroom. The student, the classroom the teacher and the school.

• Some parents of special needs children find that after practising the program for several weeks, some of the children start to have reduced and or shorter frustration, anger or anxiety issues. That in turn helps some of them shorten or reduce the intensity of their behaviour. The issues these programs have made small or very large differences in are wide and varied. See a partial list below.

• Children, youth and families practise key skills that assist the child develop a greater ability to control their behaviour. Everyone benefits from a calmer child. Especially the child or youth.

• Many parents of children with sleep issues find that having the child listen to these programs help them get to sleep at bedtime with less fighting and agitation.

• When families practise these key skills they all deepen their ability to know how to quiet and calm thier minds. In turn, building their ability to better cope with life's large and small adversities. This can often make a positive impact on the child's behaviour and enriching the lives of the entire family or classroom.

Read some of the reviews we are starting to receive from our clients. Kids, parents and professioanls share their thoughts at: http://www.resiliencyforlife.com/IYR

See http://www.resiliencyforlife.com/Research

Children, Youth, Parents and Professionals

Imagine Yourself... Energy Management for Life©
~ Children, youth and families, students and teachers, volunteers and children practising skills to that help them develop added ability to communicate and better manage their behaviour.
Helping children learn how to develop and deepen their positive
life skills that often lead to positive behaviour and outcomes.

Some of the issues these programs are being used to assist children deal with include:

• Easing into bedtime and sleep routines with less fighting.
• Cope with separation, divorce, death of loss a loved one
• Dealing with stress, anxiety and fear.
• Gain some added sense of control over their inner world
despite what their challenges might be.
• Practice skills that help them manage behaviour in the classroom
• Develop both the child's and family’s life skills to enrich family time
• Relax pre and post-treatment for physical health care issues
• Unwind pre and post-counselling.
• Assist children with some types of pain management - Always consult a medical professional
• Special needs children gain added coping skills - i.e. ADHD, Learning Disorders, ODD, Autism, Anxiety

To read child, parent and professional reviews of our four audio programs go to: http://www.resiliencyforlife.com/IYR

A Note to Professionals:
We called the program Imagine Yourself for some obvious reasons to capture the attention of our target listeners in the 3/4 - 7/8 year old range. The tag line Energy Management came about when we did our product development circles many of the children related to the word energy in a positive way. Much better than stress, hyper and other words laden with negative meanings. So, that's why we call it energy management. We wanted to get their attention. Pull them into and help them gain a sense of ownership over the process.

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Key skills in video
Key skills embed in audio story's Ages 3 - 103

Why is this program important?

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Imagine Yourself... Energy Management for Kids
Imagine Yourself Front view of product package

Ordering Imagine Yourself

Email: inquiry (@) michaelhballard.com

What are these two skills?

Mindfulness is being in the moment with your own mind on purpose and without judgemennt. It has also been seen as attaining the level of Self Witness.

Recent research on Mindfulness training for school children funded by the Hawn Foundation at UBC in BC has shown primary classes taught this skill that had the most "office reportable offences" in the school had dropped to 0 offences within six weeks of being taught mindfulness. I have personally found it an effective skill to teach having done coaching and volunteering with very "energetic" 4 to 10 year olds.

Relaxation Response
The Relaxation Response is the other vital skill. We live in a world that is increasingly fast paced and is "Up, On and Go-Go-Go 7/24" relentlessly driving many to go into their flight or fight response. Which can drive many of us into feeling anxious or fearful. To assist us calm our minds and bodies after all this energized response we can use some "slow down time" through practicing the calming skills of the Relaxation Response. We are surrounded day in and day out by very sophisticated media, high tech games, retailers and entertainment groups who use these techniques to grab our attention. This is very effective to get our attention, but we each pay the price for having over responded repeatedly with our flight and fight and fright response. So to counter balance that there are many health benefits to practising the relaxation response.

Presentations, workshops, coaching and consulting
We work with groups on how to use this material with educators, family and community development groups, literacy groups, foster parents, early childhood educators, children's aid societies, day care professionals, mental health, chronic care and acute care health care professionals and groups for children with special needs.

Feel free to contact us to see how the programs we offer can make a contribution to the children, youth and or families, students and schools you work or volunteer with.

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Imagine Yourself Energy Management for Life
Skills to help develop and deepen our capacity to cope and thrive.

The more tranquil one becomes, the greater is their success,
their influence, their power for good.
Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.
Adaptation from
James Allen New Zealand Statesman

You can order your online copy here today:
Key skills in video
Key skills embed in audio story's Ages 3 - 103