Programs we offer

Resiliency for Life - Building and Restoring Spirit
Self-Leadership Skills - Leading ourselves
Relationships for Life
Energy Management - Less Fatigue - More Focus and Energy
Resiliency for Team Building
Resiliency for the Class Room
Rights, Roles and Responsibility = Resiliency©
- Building Resiliency through
Skills Audit, Skill Building, Position Audit and Clarification
How to Fight Back, When You've Got No Fight Left!

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the OR!
Michael's story for health care professionals only!

We offer programs that assist individuals, teams and organizations to develop greater resiliency and emotional intelligence.

Our services have been used to assist:
• Business professionals looking to increase effectiveness
• Staff after a serious workplace incident
• Programs to assist students stay in school
• Youth at risk
• Teens with parents at risk
• Health Professionals working under pressure
• Sales professionals learning to working under increasing pressure
• Military support staff
• Retirement preparation program
• IT Professionals to gain added resiliency skills during a client crisis
• Government professionals who deal with serious life issues
• Technology firm who needed to get 910 people certified in 50 weeks instead of 130
• Principals to assist them coach teachers and support staff
• Volunteers who work with those in crisis
• Senior - Seniors to help them better manage their health
• Organization starting to downsize

The programs we offer all build Resiliency.
We specialize in a process that builds awareness, confidence and competence. We do this through programming that adds resiliency beliefs and skills to the lives of those that participate. Participants find they can move forward with more courage and conviction when they've completed one of our programs.

Our programs are developed around these beliefs.
The beliefs and values people hold translate into their thinking and feeling styles that determines their behaviour. This determines their resilience. We help them develop and or change some of their beliefs and behaviour with our unique programming. We then assist them gain some added skills. That often produces some very interesting and rewarding changes.

Our Resiliency Programs have been used to assist:

Police, Fire and EMS Staff
The client is confidential. However they hired us to assist their mental health team develop thier resiliency program for over 5000 professionals in thier respective departments.

IBM Canada - They have been using the Career Vitality video program we developed for one of their divisions for use with over 8,000 of their professionals. It is still in use nine plus years after it was launched. It was designed to assist IT professionals understand what skills they needed to develop additional resiliency in their lives for long term career and personal achievement and satisfaction.

Brockville Psychiatric Hospital – They hired me to deliver a program for all of their Psychiatrist’s and Psychiatric Nursing Professionals to assist them build their personal resiliency while working with the psychiatrically ill and criminally insane. As a former cancer patient (seven year journey two cancers & one emergency surgery at midnight) they'd hired me due to my very practical approach.

Nortel and the CAW (Canadian Auto Workers Union) – I was hired to assist their staff transition during a series of down sizing and work place realignments.

Pacific Energy – They hired me through a distributor to work with their franchisee’s. Sales increased 235% in the months after the program.

LTDC and Microsoft Canada accredited facility contacted me to assist over 900 professionals gain 2.5 years of post secondary education and professional accreditations in 50 weeks (1500 hours of class room and 1500 hrs. of homework). We achieved a 100% graduation rate! I was contracted to help each group set the tone and guidelines for individual and group interaction. In addition, assist them gain the skills required to achieve maximize outcomes for productivity and individual happiness.

Camp Liberty - Children's Cancer Camp in New Brunswick - Volunteer position - Assisted teens with terminal cancer and their parents build additional lines of communications, support and gain additional skills to cope.

Camp Enterprise - Teen Leadership Camp Scarborough Rotary Ontario - Assisted teens develop more skills to assist them with communications across gender and race.

Bayside Secondary School – Hastings County
Teens with parents at risk program to assist the teens develop additional resiliency skills for coping with almost impossible home lives, increase their chances of graduation. Plus add some skills sets to their resume to enhance both their short and mid-term employability opportunities.

• Resiliency and Life Crisis
• Living with a Life Crisis
• Resiliency for the Family
• Resiliency while living with Chronic Illness
• Resiliency while living with Acute Illness
• Resiliency for the Care Giver
• Rights, Roles and Responsibilities©

Business, Health Care,
Non-Profits Education
Military, Government
Children, Teens and Youth
Adults, Seniors and Senior - Seniors
Family and Community

Methods we use to deliver the Reliency for Life message

Clients hire us to deliver our programs and message through:
Keynote Presentations
Special events
Web Conference
Custom web content
Customized Workbooks

We agree with the European Foundation Management Development that defines coaching as:

" . . . regular one-to-one meetings between a coachee and a facilitator, designed to produce specific, positive changes in business behaviour in a limited time frame."

Thinking is easy, acting difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action, the most difficult thing in the world.