Resiliency for Life

About Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions® is designed to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem and effective communication strategies.

Personality Dimensions® is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour and helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. This interactive human relations and communications process enhances the basic values of self-esteem, dignity and self-worth.

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Our Personality Dimensions program have been customized to assist clients with:

Team Building
Identifying individual personality styles
Appreciating internal and external team members needs and preferences
Clarifying what each style brings to a team

Team Performance
Creating High Impact Meetings using the four preferences

Life-Work Balance
Identifying how each of the four styles understands balance
Learning strategies and techniques to ensure a level of balance that is “just right”
Recognizing different ways people act and react when they are challenged to find balance in their lives

Leadership Development
Identifying individual leadership styles
Recognizing that one leadership style doesn’t fit all
Learning to lead individuals with diverse styles and preferences

Career Search and Career Development
Individual personality styles
Identifying potential careers that fit individual profiles
Clarifying work-related motivators
Identifying essential elements of preferred work environments

Family Dynamics - Parenting
Individual parenting styles
Being a Teenager with Parents can be a Drag! - Teens, Parents and Styles!
Challenges encountered when parents have different preferred styles
Recognition that children may have different styles than parents resulting in communication challenges within the family

Learning Styles and Strategies
We have this program for children, teens, parents, teachers and adult students
Individual learning styles
The impact this can have on their success in schools
The impact of diverse styles on learning successfully
The role of parents/spouses, as tutors and the impact of diverse/learning styles
Building a learning Plan
Creating learning environments that suit diverse styles

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service
Selling to Different Personality Styles - Identifying individual selling / buying preferences
Understanding the perceptions of individuals with different styles
Creating sales programs that capture the interest of diverse customers
Creating marketing programs that capture the interest of diverse customers
Telephone Skills

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