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Imagine Yourself...

All Ages
Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors and Families
Students and Schools,
Families, Organizations and Communities

- children and families,
- students and classrooms
- youth at risk
- personal and professional development
- groups in transition or those facing upheaval
- organizations and communities

learn an easy to use process and key skills that create positive mind body skills that reduce negative behaviour. These skills help the user and group create more positive behaviour issues with all ages and increasing positive outcomes.

Many users, parents and teachers report a greater ability to be calmer, in turn reducing negative behaviour and increasing positive outcomes.

Imagine Yourself...
Energy Management Skills
Skills that calm, and quiet our mind, body and feelings..
- Support Manual for parents, teachers, volunteers and professionals
Note: Contains Energy Management Chart 8.5"X11" Laminated 2 Sided for parenting / coaching

Imagine Yourself Class Room Posters
For: Children, Parents, Teachers, Volunteers and Professionals
Pricing upon Request

Energy Management Program for all ages
3 essentials skills for life
Helping children, youth, adults and seniors learn essential skills for added self-management

Resiliency Support Materials for
Children, Youth, Families, Adults and Professionals

Michael's Online Learning Programming includes

I have a variety of online programming under development
To date I've got online students in over 50 countries and a Five Star rating.

Imagine Yourself


More will be here in the time ahead. Do check back often.
I have one key program that is being codeveloped with the
Number One online Trainer and PodCaster Mr. Scott Paton.

Ask me about online specialized and customized training for your group, association or organization.

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