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Our vision here at Resiliency for Life is that everyone deserves to get the basic skills we all need to assist us gain, maintain and deepen our resiliency.

Our mission here is to develop, produce (or find) and distribute first rate programs that assist children, youth adults and seniors gain added resiliency skills to assist them manage and build their most precious resource their mental health.

Our public programming offers participants a chance to gain insights and skills to assist themselves better manage their lives despite the chaos that pervades our modern society.

Our CD (DVD in early 09) programming offers those who cannot attend these events an opportunity to access effective programs to assist them through life's toughest challenges with more of their spirit for life intact.

Imagine Yourself ~ Kids Energy Management Program

Press Release - Immediate

At Resiliency for Life we believe that living life to its fullest favours the prepared mind. To help our children live a full life we have developed the Imagine Yourself program to assist children (and parents) to gain mastery over their lives.

The Imagine Yourself program introduces the concept of personal Energy Management. In this Imagine Yourself Energy Management for Kids program we have four audio programs that guide children (along with parents and teachers) to achieve awareness and mastery over their energy to gain a sense of inner calm. What we call slow and quiet energy.

Adults are constantly telling children to calm down, slow down and be quiet. Yet many children do not know how to achieve these energy states. This program helps children and parents first grow their awareness of the different energy states. The program then creates an understanding through common language and images to work towards mastering these states.

Parents who have used the program tell us they are amazed at how the program makes bed time easier for their children. One mother of two ADHD children told us her children’s only complaint was that they never hear the end the programs because they fall asleep every time.

We believe a well rested child is generally easier to parent, teach or live with. Calmer children make for a peaceful family life and learning environment.

So, have fun with our Imagine Yourself Programs. Make it your own. After all these lessons for life are helping children create Resiliency for Life!
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Michael Ballard
info @ resiliencyforlife.com

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