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Sarah Zeldman
Gave us a glowing review.
A Solution That Really Helped My Children Unwind & Fall Asleep.

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I have had this (program) for several years and am ordering another in case ours ever wears out! Plus I am ordering some for friends. We started our son with this (program) when he was only about 2 years old, and at 8 years old it is still the most effective for helping him unwind and get to sleep. We have been lucky to have such a good sleeper-and I have to give this (program) alot of credit. It leads kids thru both active and passive in-bed relaxation to unwind and settle down & relax, and then lulls them to sleep with soothing nature sounds or gentle imagery. I can't recommend enough!
Foglight (Parent) SF Bay, Calif. United States

Your Imagine Yourself... Energy Management Program for Kids have been really helpful for all my children but especially my oldest son. He likes to listen to them at night before he goes to bed. He loves the one about the horse.

R. O. Texas USA ~ Parent of child with Aspergers, ADD and Oppositional Defiance.

Here he was REALLY upset, and he goes [on his own initiative] and listens to the Imagine Yourself CD to help himself calm down. I didn't suggest it to him (to be honest, I didn't even think about it). Thought I'd share that with you. He's not going to cry himself to sleep tonight (like he would have before). Thank you!!

T. K. B.C. Canada ~ Parent of two busy young boys (one with Asperger's Syndrome) and two rowdy teenage boys!

They seem to fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and be cheerier in the mornings. The quality of the program is quite good and the excercises are simple, yet effective.

A. Chapman and T. Chapman Ontario Canada ~ Parents of three children - two daughters with AD/HD

I listened to the horse (program) and... felt less stressed afterwards.

Betty Cornelius
- Who is currently parenting some of her grandchildren and is a Foster Mother

Be A Horse does an wonderful job of assisting the listener learn to use their breathing as a way to relax the body and mind. I found it very helpful for falling asleep and relaxing because it has step-by-step instructions. They help you get the most out of the low key breathing exercises.

Second year university student
Ontario Canada

Be A Cat and Be A Horse are both excellent and effective. They get you started with simple relaxation techniques, which I found very helpful, even by themselves. The visual and calming narrative gets you to imagine peaceful things, which I found it very stress-relieving. This CD helped me to relax and get a better nights sleep, and I think anyone who is stressed could benifit from listening to it.

name withheld by request
Grade 12 high school student
Ontario, Canada

It was a long three day drive home to and from Montana. I listened to the Imagine Yourself programs on the CD player on the way to Montana with my daughter. They where on repeat for a couple hours actually. She loved the animals, first she talked about them and then she was quiet and next she was sleeping!!!

Thanks again!! I might just use this program myself.

Leslie S.
Mother of one very busy three year old girl.
Brampton ON Canada

What separate this program and these CDs from most relaxation "nature" recordings are three seamlessly integrated elements:

A. The narration is so wonderfully scripted that it doesn't overtake your imagination, but simply allows it to flow, giving lots of choices and a variety of settings within any segment... especially within the 'Be like a Bird" recording.

B. The imaginative guidance by the narrator is very grounded; so, even while letting you get away from it all, it allows you to be very aware of your body and use the techniques very naturally.

C .Dan Gibson's highest quality sound bites... excerpts of gulls the ocean, trains, birds, and you name it.... all aid in enhancing the free choose-as-you-may imaginative script.

C. E.C.E. Researcher
Name and address with held by request

Thus shalt not appeals to the head. Once upon a time appeals to the heart and the imagination. Michael Ballard has done a wonderful job of appealing to the heart and the emotions in his program for kids. I heartily recommend it to teachers and educators who are looking for tools to use with kids in schools and home settings. He has a delightful product that is easy to use and delightful to experience.

Dr. Warwick Cooper
Pastor of Counseling & Family Ministries
The Peoples Church
374 Sheppard Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

I found the Imagine Yourself programs very helpful. They are soothing.

Angela B. 50+

As I was listening to the program, I found it to be very satisfying to my imagination. I really liked how the excellent sound effects were paired with the voices used, appropriate to the purpose of the program. It had a deeply relaxing effect for me. I like how the concept is meant to help children relax and feeling more harmonious. I could feel that this innovative idea would definitely help any child within their lives and be a positive influence.

JP France

I listened to the Imagine Yourself programs and found them very well done, very effective in opening the mind to deeper resource states of inner peace, faith, psychological and emotional strength and resilience, and love. Thank you for making them available.

Dr. Tom Pinkson

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