Imagine Yourself...

What is Imagine Yourself... all about?

This programming helps create more positive outcomes and reduces negative behaviour for children, youth and families. It helps them start to gain a sense of mastery from being anxious, fearful and stressed despite what ever challenges and adversity they might face.

The program takes a positive asset (skills based) approach that helps build self awareness, and a positive mind body skill set that reduces negative behaviour and positive outcomes.

There are three basic states of basic human behaviour that this program helps participants understand. Then we help them learn these three key skills that assist them more effectively use these states to create more positive outcomes.

They are skills based programs that build capacity and reduce negative behaviour and increases positive outcomes in children, youth, and families.

They are also being used with youth groups, foster families, classrooms, health support groups, education, group homes, seniors groups and organizations.

We help people of all ages practice skills that create positive rational, emotional and physical states. This assists them gain a greater sense of control to more effectively deal with past, current or future situations with more ease. In the process it allows them to gain a greater sense of inner control and confidence that can be applied and used in many other situations.

What are the outcomes?
- recognise and manage our own energy (responses to stress)
- recognise energy (four states of behaviour) in others
- establish positive understanding with themselves and others
- handle challenging situations effectively
- develop their capacity through skill

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Parents, Granparents, Foster Parents, Teachers and Professionals tell us they've been very pleased at the changes many of the children and youth experience having taken this program.

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The more tranquil one becomes, the greater is their success, their influence, their power for good.
Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.

Adaptation from
James Allen New Zealand Statesman

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Resiliency for Life programming
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